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Dysgraphia Assessments in Perth: Understanding and Support for Your Child

Dysgraphia is a specific learning disorder that impacts a child's ability to write. This condition can manifest on its own or alongside dyslexia, often making it challenging for children to grasp and follow writing conventions such as spelling rules, punctuation, capitalisation, and sentence composition.

At Butterfly Psychology for Kids in Perth, we specialise in providing thorough dysgraphia assessments for children to identify their unique needs and strengths. Here’s what our assessment process entails:

  • Intellectual Assessment: A cognitive evaluation to identify your child's cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

  • Educational Assessment: A detailed look at your child's writing and spelling skills within a functional context.

  • Background Information Review: An analysis of your child’s developmental, medical, and educational history, including any prior interventions and agency involvements.

  • Comprehensive Psychological Report: A detailed report summarising the assessment results, with tailored recommendations for support and intervention strategies.

  • Parent Consultation: A dedicated session with our psychologist to discuss your child’s assessment results, our professional recommendations, and what the diagnosis implies.

If you're in Perth and suspect your child may have dysgraphia, contact Butterfly Psychology for Kids for a comprehensive and compassionate assessment that leads to effective support and strategies.


Dysgraphia Assessment

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